Nanoplastia hair treatment is far better than keratin treatment | 2024

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There are many incomprehensible points about the newly-trending nanoplastia hair treatment. Are you suffering from hair damage and looking for the perfect solution?

This article may help you greatly to solve your problem by gathering knowledge about nanoplastia hair treatment, and we bet you will definitely get a vast knowledge about nanoplastia for further decision-making whether you will go for it or not.

Kindly keep reading thoroughly to get detailed insights into this innovative newly developed nanotechnology hair restoration method.

Nanoplastia hair treatment

What is nanoplastia hair treatment?

The ‘Nanoplastia’ is an innovative hair straightening treatment for hair restoration.

The nanoplastia technique is also called nano-straightening, which is based on nanotechnology methods and provides a healthy appearance to hair.

In this technique, the treatment occurs at the level of atoms or molecules by deeply penetrating into all types of hair and keeping it straight for a long period of time.

Further, the nanoplastia treatment closes the hair scales and added irresistible shine to improve the hair condition.

The base of the product comprises amino acids and collagen protein and is rich in essential amino acids.

Advantages of Nanoplastia

There are various advantages of nanoplastia treatment in comparison to the other trending hair treatment procedures, which include;

  1. This complete hair treatment process requires 5-6 hours and is completed within one day. No requirement to visit the salon or parlor repeatedly.
  2. It is a safe hair-straightening method for almost all categories such as kids of 7 years old to pregnant women as there are no harsh chemicals used (read more below).
  3. As this treatment formula doesn’t use formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals, it doesn’t produce any pungent smell or other skin irritations.
  4. This nanoplastia treatment gives you a Long-lasting mirror shining and moisturizing effects.
  5. Further, it also restores damaged hair, recovers split ends without reducing hair length, and provides healthy hair.

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How Nanoplastia works?

To understand how nanoplastia works, it is important to understand the structure and the three layers of hair.

Because, under the action of temperature, these molecules penetrate deeply into the cortical layer of the hair and make the hair stronger and healthier.

Three Layers of Hair

The structure, color, and shine of hair occur due to the complex composition of three layers called the medulla (medullary canal), cortex (cortical layer), and cuticle.

Three layers of hair _ Nanoplastia hair treatment
The picture describes three layers of hair

The cortex layer provides both physical and mechanical strength to hair and comprises 90% of the total weight.

This layer is made up of long, keratin proteins and twists like a curly cord on a telephone to form an alpha helix.

The alpha helix of keratin protein is composed of sequences of amino acids with a majority of cysteine, glutamic acid, and serine and represents the fundamental protein unit of keratin proteins.

Nanoplastia hair treatment VS keratin hair treatment

Keratin is a natural type of structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails and provides both mechanical and physical strength. These keratins are found in two forms; alpha(α)-keratin and beta(β)-keratin.

The alpha-keratins are found in the epidermis, hair, horns, and nails of mammals, whereas the beta-keratins are found in the beaks, claws, feathers, and scales of reptiles and birds.

These are the basic concept of keratin protein. Let’s talk about keratin treatment.

The keratin hair treatment is a semi-permeable straightening treatment. In this process, an additional amount of keratin is added to the hair, which enhances shine, reduces frizz, and smooths and straightens hair.

The keratin treatment also makes wavy and curly hairs straighter.

But the keratin treatments also possess some unwanted side effects and safety issues due to the presence of some chemical ingredients and specifically formaldehyde.

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Why you should avoid Formaldehyde of keratin treatment?  

Formaldehyde is not harmful in its liquid form. But after heating, it releases the harmful and carcinogenic Formaldehyde gas.

Exposure to this gas can cause both short-term and long-term health effects on the clients as well as the stylist and other people available in the parlor or salon.

According to American Cancer Society, formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it can cause cancer, while according to Food and Drug Administration, this also contributes to rashes, dizziness, eye irritations, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, wheezing, sore throat, coughing, etc.

Whereas the nanoplastia hair treatment shows some advantages over the keratin treatment as the products of nanoplastia don’t contain carcinogenic formaldehyde and last for a long time.

Although both these treatments are very effective, the nanoplastia hair treatment can last for about 4 – 8 months whereas the keratin treatment can last for only 3 – 6 months.


Hair treatment typesNanoplastia hair treatmentKeratin treatment
        Properties of treatmentIt completely straightens all types of hair.   It also rebuilds, hydrates, and keeps hair smoother, which lasts for about 6 – 10 months.   Highly effective and almost 100% safe.Mostly used for smoothing hair cuticles. Within 2-3 months of this treatment, the hair regains its previous structures such as curly. Mostly the treatment causes shiny hair but not straighten. It is not safe as formaldehyde and carbocysteine in their formula can cause a lot of health problems, which are discussed above.
    TimeThe complete process takes 4-6 hr of time within one day. The time for lasting straightening and shinning of the hair depends on how much iron is applied.It lasts for 6-8 hrs. Even after a long time apply of iron to hair, it doesn’t give shine and lasts for a long time as compared to nanoplastia hair treatment.
Hair washingThe end results can be visible immediately just after treatment and final hair washing.It required washing hair 2-3 times before the treatment. And you need to wait for 3 days to wash the hair.
Post-treatment caringIt requires just moisturizing the hair regularly and doesn’t require special post caring.Its required special attention to caring. Needs to avoiding from wetting the hair for up to 3 days. The keratin-treated hair is not recommended to restyle like doing ponytails.
Hair coloringYou can color your hair just after 5 days of nanoplastia hair treatment.You need to wait for 14 days after keratin treatment to color your hair.
Effects on health100% safeThe harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and carbocystein in these products cause irritation and burning of the eyes. The formaldehyde gas released during ironing can cause various severe health problems for both clients as well as professionals.

Nanoplastia hair treatment benefits

The nanoplastia hair treatment is comprised of almost all natural ingredients, which restore damaged hairs and smooth them to keep shiny for about 6 – 12 months.

The nanoplastia treatment products mostly contain collagen protein and amino acids.

Importance of collagen protein and amino acids for healthy hair

Collagen is the most abundant natural protein found in the hair, cartilage, bone, tendon, skin, and connective tissues.

These provide a structural framework for the cells and tissues as well as play an important role in cellular processes such as immune response, tissue repair, cellular communication, etc.

As the hair is primarily made up of keratin protein, the body needs several amino acids to produce keratin and some of which are found in collagen proteins.

Collagen is primarily composed of 3 non-essential amino acids such as proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine.

The proline maintains the structural components of hair and applying or consuming proline-rich collagen improved hair structures.

Sometimes, free radicals like reactive oxygen and nitrogen species are produced due to exposure to UV rays of sunlight or other sources, ionizing radiations such as X-rays, and gamma rays, as well as from the cellular metabolism process.

The free radicals also developed as a result of air pollution, poor dietary choices, stress, alcohol consumption, or other environmental influences.

These free radicals cause various harm to the cells, proteins, and DNA.

Thus, the collagen found in nanoplastia hair treatment products acts as a natural antioxidant, and helps in the prevention of hair follicle damage due to these oxidative stress and free radicals.

Collagen also protects the skin layer, so it may help in the prevention of loss and thinning of hair due to an increase in age.

Moreover, due to the absence of harsh chemicals or formaldehyde, the nanoplastia hair treatment is safe for both pregnant women as well as kids from 7 years old.

The nanoplastia absolves from the intense smell and burning.

In summary it;

  • Can be used on all types of hair
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn’t contain formaldehyde so, it doesn’t affect the respiratory system or burn the eyes.
  • Hair can be washed on the same day after treatment
  • Doesn’t produce the intense smell
  • Perfectly straight hair and lasts for a minimum of 6 months

Process of Nanoplastia hair treatment

This complete process lasts for about 4-5 hrs and consists of a sequence of the following steps;

  • Hair wash
  • Heat protector application
  • Nanoplastia cream application – the cream application process continues for about 20 to 30 minutes and thereafter leaves for 50 – 60 mins to air dry and penetrate the ingredients into the deep cortex layer.
  • Drying the nanoplastia cream in hair without washing it
  • Straightening hair to infuse the cream – this process continues for up to 30 mins for proper infusion of ingredients.
  • Final hair washing
  • Hair drying

This treatment is completed only within 4-5 hours within a single day and is far better than cysteine and keratin treatment, as these treatments are based on the coating process.

Nanoplastia hair treatment before and after reviews

Before going for this treatment, it is mandatory to wash hair properly to remove dust, or any other oily substances adhered to the hair and followed by hair dry.

According to some reviews even after 6 months of nanoplastia hair treatment, the hair remains straighten, smooth, shiny, and healthier and there are no side effects.

One of the important things is, there is no requirement for pre-treatments of hair like re-bonding, color wash, pre-wash, etc. and you may also go for it even if you have dyed with any color previously.

There is no chance of loss of hair color, whether it may be natural or dye just before nanoplastia treatment. So, if you want to save money, you may dye your hair at home and can avoid extra bills for hair dye in the salon or parlor.

Further the long-lasting of this treatment also greatly depends on how you are taking care of your hair and the shampoo or conditioners you are using.

You may iron or color your hair after this nanoplastia treatment and there are no issues, but it is not recommended to bleach the hair, which might damage your hair – some reviews after 6 months of nanoplastia hair treatment say.

Even after 6 months of treatment, the silkiness and shine of hair are also maintained as intact and if you will use hair serum it’ll give you a feel of freshly treated hair with nanoplastia treatment.

There is no requirement for treatment like after re-bonding or smoothing and you can use cloture just one day after this treatment.

You may wash your hair 2-3 times weekly and it is enough.

In summary, the nanoplastia hair treatment doesn’t require special post-treatment care and requires just moisturizing the hair regularly and is almost 100% safe.

Best Nanoplastia hair treatment products

  • Floractive Professional

The Floractive Professional is established in 2010 with the mission to create non-toxic and non-harmful hair straightening products for both the end-users as well as professionals.

With a consistent focus to replace toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde in hair treatment products, they developed nanoplasty hair treatment products.

According to the company, the nanoplasty products of Floractive Professional are safe and efficient for all categories of people.

The nanoplasty treatment product formula is developed with the cooperation of nanotechnology and intracellular nutrition, without the use of harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and carbocystein.

Currently, Floractive is actively distributing its products worldwide and in more than 50 countries.

The company claimed to use 100% safe, high-quality ingredients like natural oil, amino acids, and vitamins with the certification of;

  • International Center for Standardization and Certification “Halal” ensures compliance with the additives, raw materials, and services provided.
  • Certificate of the international organization for standardization ISO 9001 – it proves the competent management of the company and a serious advantage in the competition.
  • Registration Anvisa, Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency – takes care of sanitary control over all the products and services.
  • Member of the Brazilian Association of Personal Care, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC) and an active member of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. 

Nature Eva

Nature Eva produces high-quality professional products for hair styling and is established in 2012 with the vision to innovate straightening techniques.

This company is also claimed to not use harsh chemicals such as paraben, sulfates, carbocystein, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals in its nanoplastia hair treatment products.

According to the Nature Eva company, it uses plant-based formulas in hair treatment products to provide safe and formaldehyde-free hair treatments as well as environments.

The company also provides training courses for hairstylists to raise their level of expertise and to achieve the best results with their products.

But Nature Eva doesn’t provide opportunities for the general public to purchase the products online with the showing cause of eliminating the misuse of their products and valuing the professional hairstylists.

The company currently distributes its products to over 20 countries across the globe.

  • Honma Tokyo

The Honma Tokyo was founded in 2008, with the vision of developing innovative and quality hair products for professionals as well as end users.

The company is distributing its products in both domestic and international markets such as Brazil, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

This company is also providing professional hair treatment training courses.

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Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Cost

The final cost of a hair nanoplasty depends on various factors such as length and density of hair and force on the hair twist.

Further, the treatment cost also depends on the city, salon, and brands of products used.

Most often, in the USA, the cost of nanoplastia varies from $250 to $800 according to different locations.

In Central Europe or Poland, hair nanoplasty varies from 350 to 1000 zlotys in a good salon.

Whereas in Toronto or Canada, it starts from $99, and in India, it varies from 4000 to 10000 Indian rupees.

Nanoplastia hair treatment Side Effects

According to our research on nanoplastia treatment till the date of publication of this article, and information available on the public domain or the internet, we found that there are almost no side effects of nanoplastia hair treatment and possess various advantages over a keratin hair treatment.

But you must research this if you are thinking to get experience with this newly developed hair styling technology.

Drawbacks of nanoplastia

As we know that everything possessing advantages, also comes with some drawbacks, likewise, the nanoplastia hair treatment also shows some disadvantages.

Although, the nanoplastia treatment doesn’t shows any side effects, it has some drawbacks like;

  1. High treatment costAs the treatment cost of nanoplastia varies between $250 to $800 in the USA, 350 to 1000 zlotys in Poland or Central Europe, and 4,000-10,000 rupees in India, and this cost is too high for any middle-class family member. Further, as this treatment is new to the market its cost is higher and expected to be lower gradually, and all categories of family members.
  2. Not suitable for very short hair curlsDuring this treatment of nanoplastia, hairdressers always advised and applied the cream leaving a small distance from the hair root. So it is very difficult to apply on the very short curl of hair.
  3. Contraindicated due to the presence of dandruffAlthough the hairdressers always advise and try to apply the cream leaving a small distance from the hair root, the mistakes of touching the root skin cannot be ruled out. So, if there is any presence of dandruff, it may produce some skin reactions like irritation, redness, etc.

FAQ related to Nanoplastia

Is nanoplastia safe?

According to our research and some nanoplastia product companies, it doesn’t show any side effects as the nanoplastia formula is free from harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, carbocystein.
The Floractive Professional company claimed to use 100% safe, high-quality ingredients like natural oil, amino acids, and vitamins.

Is nanoplastia permanent?

The nanoplastia hair treatment is not completely permanent and can’t last for lifelong.
However, this treatment is long lasting up to 6 months, which shows advantages over keratin hair treatment as it lasts for 2 to 3 months.

How long does nanoplastia last?

The nanoplastia hair treatment last for 6 months and however the keratin hair treatment last for only 2 to 3 months.
According to the various reviews even after 6 months, the smoothness, shininess, and straightness of nanoplastia-treated hair remain intact if you regularly moisturize your hair.

Does nanoplastia damage hair?

The formula of most nanoplastia hair treatment products contains natural amino acids, collagen proteins, and natural oil and is free from toxic formaldehyde.
Thus, nanoplastia doesn’t damage hair and it restores the damaged hair by nourishing the damaged hair in the deep cortical layer and strengthening it.

Does nanoplastia cause hair loss?

According to various reviews, nanoplastia doesn’t cause hair loss. The nanoplastia treatment restores the damaged hair and also protects against age-related hair thinning and loss.

Is nanoplastia chemical-free?

According to our research, most nanoplastia products are free from harmful toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, paraben, carbocystein, etc.
It contains natural amino acids (building blocks of proteins), collagen proteins, and natural oil, and some companies use plant-based formulas.


In this article, we have given comprehensive information about the nanoplastia hair treatment for educational purposes only and it doesn’t intend to provide any medical or other professional advice.

Further, you may also consult your doctor or physician if you have any pre-existing or chronic diseases or any other health-related issues before going for this hair treatment.

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