How Nano Keratin Treatment is Better than normal keratin treatment! | 2023

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The nano keratin treatment allows you to repair and smoothen your hair. There are many incomprehensible points about the newly developed nano keratin hair products.

In this article, we will discuss how nano keratin hair treatment is different from normal keratin treatment.

Kindly keep reading to know in the depth about nano keratin if you are in confusion what should be better for you; nano keratin or normal keratin treatment?

Nano keratin treatment of hair

What is nano keratin treatment?

The nano keratin treatment of hair is an advanced hair smoothing technology, basically based on nanobiotechnology or biomimetic technology.

Biomimetic technology follows the principles of biological organisms and mimics those for the development of new materials and technologies.

In this case, the ingredients of the formulation are found in nanosized forms called biomimetic particles and those perform Enzyme like affinity to hair structures.

These biomimetic particles of nano keratin hair products thus function like natural biological enzymes to simulate and restore the damaged hair and retrieve it back to its natural healthy state.

The nano keratin treatment of hair is a semi-permanent hair restoration and smoothing method, which works by transforming damaged and dry hair into repaired, stronger hair with less elasticity.

But the treatment can lock color, improve the elasticity for about 3-4 months, and provides an incredible look, which is easy to maintain.

Further, the nano keratin treatment enhances the shine, and hair condition by nourishing the hair and reducing unsightly frizz.

In summary, the nano keratin rejuvenates and soothes hair and results in a silky, healthy, frizz-free natural hairstyle.

There are a lot of people who have confused between nano keratin and keratin, so to address this problem here we have discussed nano keratin and keratin.

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 Nano keratin vs keratin treatment

Before going to discuss about nano keratin it is important to understand what is keratin.

Keratin is a natural type of major protein found in our hair. Along with the keratin, the hair is also composed of proteins called keratin-associated proteins.

Naturally, there are two forms of keratin; alpha(α)-keratin and beta(β)-keratin. The alpha(α)-keratin is a fibrous structural protein, mostly found in the hair, epidermis, horns, and feathers of mammals.

Alteration of alpha(α)-keratin formation by Hair care

There are two major components of hair fiber; the cortex and the cuticle. The cortex provides both the mechanical and physical properties to the hair and is composed of microfibrils, which is again comprised of smaller microfibrils and a matrix.

The microfibrils of the cortex contain the alpha(α)-helices, composed of a high content of cysteine residues (an amino acid) and are interlinked with disulfide linkages.

These disulfide linkages or bridges of cysteine amino acids play a major role in hair treatment for the hairstyle.

Why you should avoid keratin hair treatment?

In the process of keratin treatment, an additional amount of keratin is coated on the hair surface to reduce the frizz, and enhance the shine, soothe, and strengthen hair.

But the problem is the use of some chemical ingredients and formaldehyde, which causes various health problems such as rashes, dizziness, eye irritations, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, wheezing, sore throat, coughing, etc.

But according to the nanokeratin system company, the ingredients of nano keratin hair treatment don’t contain formaldehyde, released no chemical gas.

Further, the ingredients consist of amino acids and enzymes, which reconstruct the hair and thus it is far better than normal keratin hair treatment.

Nano keratin hair treatment step-by-step process

The time required to complete the process of nano keratin treatment depends on the length of the hair. It varies from 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs. The short hair requires 1.5 hours, and the long hair 2 hrs to complete the process.

The complete process consists of the following steps;

  • Hair wash
  • Hair blow-dries until 100% dry
  • Nano keratin cream application and waiting for 20 to 60 minutes to penetrate the ingredients into the deep layer of the hair cortex.

The time required for the natural hair to wait after application of nano keratin cream is 25 to 60 minutes, for colored hair is 20 to 50 minutes and 15 – 35 minutes for blonde hair.

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  • Blow dry hair
  • Ironing of hair using flat iron up to 6 – 10 times
  • Shampoo and masking – the time required for waiting after masking is 5 minutes for thin hair and 7 minutes for thick hair.
  • Hair washing and drying
  • Application of insulator
Process of Nano keratin treatment of hair before and after treatment

Here we have provided a video available on YouTube by Nanokeratin System to check the process of nano keratin hair treatment, you may also check it;

(Source: YouTube)

How does nano keratin hair treatment work?

The ingredients of nano keratin hair treatment by Nanokeratin System company are nano-sized, which penetrates the hair structure i.e., the cortex layer of hair and modifies the molecular structures of cysteine amino acids, and forms new straight cysteines.

During this straight formation, the innovative components coated the deep layer of the hair structure.

Further, during heating hair with a flat iron, the connection between the molecules of core structures is enhanced and the structure remains in the stabilized form for the long period.

Nano keratin treatment side effects

As we expect, the products of nano keratin hair treatment by the Nanokeratin System don’t contain any harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, the treatment doesn’t cause any side effects.

Whereas in the case of keratin treatment, the formula consists of formaldehyde, during heating of the hair these chemicals release formaldehyde gas and this gas might cause rashes, dizziness, eye irritations, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, wheezing, sore throat, coughing, etc.

The nano keratin product of the Nanokeratin system is also safe to use on children, but in terms of maintenance, this treatment is not recommended for children.

Thus, the nano keratin hair treatment shows advantages over the normal keratin treatment and provides a safe and better hair styling option.

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Nano keratin treatment products

There are varieties of nano keratin product companies available in the market;

Nanokeratin System

This company claims to provide 0 % formaldehyde in the nano keratin hair treatment formula and uses patented biomimetic technologies inspired by the nature.

The nanoSmooth pure is a product of the Nanokeratin System, an advanced innovative series for safe bond reformation, soft smoothing, and complete straightening.

According to the company, there is no formaldehyde and aldehyde used in this product, and doesn’t produce any chemical off-gases.

This product also protects against harmful external factors and perfects hair fiber, straight and soothes the hair.

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