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The Emerging Sciences is an English Scientific Website, in which information is given on various topics of Nanotechnology, Health & Diseases, Life & Environment, Space & Universe, and Newly developed Technologies in these fields. The work of collecting information on these topics and conveying it to the readers is done by myself. After doing a lot of research on these topics, I am writing content according to your interest and desire.

About Myself:

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My name is Harekrushna Jena, owner of this website (Emerging Sciences) and I am a resident of Bhubaneswar, capital of state Odisha, India. I have done my Post Graduation (M.Sc. & M.Phil.) in Lifesciences from Odisha and currently pursuing Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Delhi, Delhi, India. Since my graduation, I am always fascinated to know about different organisms, their behavior, life process. Therefore, from my graduation, I have started writing different articles that have been published in various scientific journals and magazines such as Science Reporter, Bigyan Diganta (in the Oriya language), Science Horizon, etc. Further, as being a Doctorate Research Scholar in Biomedical Sciences, currently, I am actively engaged in research work in the fields of Nano Biotechnology.

I would try my best to reach you with accurate information, but even after a lot of effort, the possibility of mistakes cannot be ruled out. 

If there are any errors in any article or suggestions for me regarding this website then you are requested to let me know by email at connect@theemergingsciences.com.


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