Meteor Shower and its incredible facts! | 2022

Hoba-meteorite-in-Namibia Meteor shower

A meteor shower is an astronomical or celestial event, that takes place throughout the day and night time, but we are able to observe them during the night time. The very intense or unusual meteor showers are known as meteor storms or meteor outbursts. Nearly 50 tons of space debris crash onto the Earth every … Read more

DART’s Impact on Dimorphos Asteroid- Never Seen Before | 2022

Dimorphos asteroid composite

Whenever the name “Dimorphos” comes, its elder brother “Didymos” is also come heard. These are like twin brothers and these twin brother makes their own system called the binary asteroid system. The asteroid Didymos and its small moonlet Dimorphos together make up the binary asteroid system. The small moon or minor-planet moon Dimorphos orbits the … Read more

How James Webb Telescope image revealed the hidden mysteries | 2022

James Webb Telescope Image Cosmic Cliff

The James Webb Telescope image captured by its highly sensitive infrared camera unfolded a lot of hidden queries about deep space, star formation, star dying, and the atmospheric composition of exoplanets. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a space telescope designed primarily to study astronomical objects using infrared (IR) radiation i.e. the wavelength of light ranges from … Read more

Wildcat Ridge rock samples of Mars hints presence of ancient life on Mars | 2022

Wildcat Ridge and Jezero Crater

The Perseverance rover of Mars detected hints of the presence of ancient life on Mars from the rock samples of Wildcat ridge of Jezero Crater. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, nicknamed Percy designed to explore the Jezero Crater on Mars is a car-sized rover. It carried nineteen cameras, seven primary payload instruments, and two microphones. The key goals … Read more

Never seen before “Cosmic Cliff” and Star Formation | 2022

Webb telescope Cosmic Cliff

Recently James Webb Telescope revealed never before seen view of the star-forming region of the Carina Nebula called “Cosmic Cliff”. Before going to explain and discussing the “Cosmic Cliff” image of the James Webb Telescope to earth, it is important to know about the main role player of the Webb Telescope, due to which we … Read more

Best Five Star Projectors in 2022: Bringing the Cosmos into Your Home

best Star projectors

Star projectors give you very much aesthetic pleasure because they represent the sky, galaxies, and planetariums in your room. These are quite versatile and handy for ease of use, convenience, and profitability. The beautiful starry skies constellations light up anyone, especially someone looking for some visual stimulation. Indeed, the stars, moon, and galaxies in the … Read more

Space Pens or Pencils: How NASA Takes Notes in Space? 2022

Fisher Space pens

The space pens have been used on every crewed NASA mission since Apollo 7 – dozens are currently aboard the International Space Station. The Space Pen is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in a very wide range of temperatures. Therefore Space … Read more

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