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Nanotechnology Products in Daily Life in 2022

Over the past decades, Nanotechnology and nanomaterials-based products created a fast-growing consumer market. The average person already encounters nanotechnology in a range of daily life products. There are over 1827 nanotechnology-based consumer products that have reached supermarkets and millions of consumers using these. Nanoparticles are collections of tiny molecules or even just atoms. The sizes … Read more

The Nanotechnology Products in 21st Century I 2022

The global market of nanotechnology products accounted for US$ 10.34 Bn in 2020 and is anticipated to grow to US$ 38.17 Bn by 2029. In the 21st century, many products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sunscreen, powdered food, etc. used in everyday life are made with the assistance of nanotechnologies and ultimately we can say those … Read more

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